Construction Financing Q & A

Q: The difficulty of getting Construction Financing (traditional financing specifically for them):

A: It has been pretty difficult unless there is something to collateralize.  I could probably get financing for equipment or vehicles, but not for material.


Q: How has a cash advance from us (NLF/MCC) helped or made obtaining financing for your construction firm easier?

A: able to buy material for bigger jobs without needing cash upfront from customer.


Q: Has increase in demand caused you to obtain additional working capital?  Please explain.  Have you seen an increase in demand over the past few months?

A: There has been a very noticeable rise in demand over the past year and seems to be continuing to rise.  This seems to be directly related to lower standards in financing for retail home buyers, in particular, government backed loans.   I believe there is a shortage of skilled labor in the construction/remodeling industry


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