Restaurant Customer Q & A with Next Level Funding

Q:The difficulty of getting Restaurant financing specifically for them:

A : A process to which we secured our financing was not extra-ordinary. The required documentation requested was not excessive and the time frame from initial contact to actual funding was well within reason.

Q: How has a cash advance from us (NLF/MCC) helped or made obtaining financing for your restaurant easier?

A: Yes, this cash advance has defiantly helped obtaining financing easier.  We have established a financing partner for the future which gives us the confidence that we can get the necessary working capital if needed for future endeavors.

Q: Has increase in demand caused you to obtain additional working capital?  Please explain.  Have you seen an increase in demand over the past few months?

A: No, the restaurant industry historically experiences a drop in sales during this time of year for obvious reasons (holiday, travel, in-climate weather, and the like).  The additional working capital has us to bridge the gap between this historically slow period and our prime season which is the warmer months.


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